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A long imagine please<3. An imagine where Harry comes home drunk and we fight - maybe some violence - and y/n leaves and then he begs y/n to come back, and you choose the end! Please? Love your blog btw :*

Here you go, darling


As every evening you were making the dinner for you and Harry, but right when you finished cooking you received a text from Harry, saying that he’ll be late because of the rehearse for their upcoming tour. Lately it’s been usual for you having the dinner alone in front of the telly, watching stupid shows you weren’t involved in, while Harry came back home late at night so you didn’t have to spend much time together. Harry seemed really tired and stressed, so sometimes his coming home late was accompanied by alcohol and was transformed into fights with you. 

After staying awake for another hour, you just went upstairs to your bedroom, as Harry still hadn’t come home and wasn’t answering to your calls. You stayed awake for a bit, but it was getting late and your eyelids were about to close when a crashing sound coming from the front door awoke you. You could hear Harry swearing and shushing the table, which he surely didn’t notice in the dark of the room. You decided to go downstairs and check on him but as you walked down, you found Harry already looking through the fridge, almost as searching for el dorado.
“Harry?” You called out, squeezing your eyes because of the bright light.
“What?” He drew his attention from the fridge to you. His eyes bleary and around him a strong smell of alcohol and bad perfumes of girls that tried to hit on him and cigarettes. You could smell club on him.
“Where were you?” You questioned folding your arms across your chest and rested against the counter.
“Out.” He replied simply, trying to keep himself steady before he leaned against the counter across from yours.
“Now I know why you didn’t answer to my calls. But.. uhm weren’t you supposed to work?” You asked, the tone of your voice getting angry.
“I was but it’s none of your business what I do and what I don’t.” Harry replied after taking a sip of the cold beer he had taken out before.
“I’m your girlfriend.” You stated almost as remanding Harry of it.
“A bitchy and clingy one, though.” He smirked to himself. The blood in your veins started to boil, even if you didn’t want start another fight.
“Told the dickhead one. I actually don’t understand what I’m still doing here with you and why I am even bearing you.” You spat out, your mind completely blown and dark with terrible thoughts about Harry. You weren’t reasoning, his words hurt you deeply but you did nothing to deserve to be treated this way. So you turned around and were about to walk out of the room, when:
“Yeah, run, run away. Go cry in the corner, maybe you’ll even cut yourself..” Harry fought back, going too far with words, that were sharper than thousands of swords.
“You’re such a fucking asshole.” You yelled at him going to slap him but right when your hand was about to collide with Harry’s cheek, his strong hand grabbed your wrist, clutching into a fist probably leaving a dark mark on you.
“Wanna try again?” Harry’s voice deep with anger and eyes cold as ice, while the grasp of his fist was tightening. A devilish smirk was crossing his face.
“Harry, you’re hurting me.” Even more tears scratched your face, while you were trying to free yourself but Harry seemed emotionless to what you said. Instead, it looked like he felt a certain pleasure in what he was doing. The alcohol increased his emotions and actions.
“Wanna try again?”He asked through clutched teeth shaking your hold body by the grasp on your wrist.
“Harry, let me go. Please.” You let out in pain. Fortunately,he eventually got the message and right after he freed your hand, his face softened, almost as the alcohol left his system making him reason and become again the man you loved.
“I’m so s-sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you.” He started apologizing but it was too late. You were scared of the person you had in front of you, not talking about the massive bruise was forming on your wrist.
“No, s-stay away from me. Don’t touch me. Ever again.” You spoke softly, just because too afraid and no sound could escape your mouth.
“(Y/N), please. I’m sorry.” Harry walked towards you but with every his step, you took a step aback.
“Don’t. Harry, you’ve said and done enough.” Harry stopped at your words, letting you walk out of the house, vision blurred and heartbroken.
After that night, it was hard to move on. You stayed at your best friend’s place, crying your soul out while Harry’s constant messages and calls were the background to your pain. You haven’t been to your shared house for few weeks, you didn’t even want to go to take your stuff. Just thinking about Harry’s face, was making you sick and even more broken. Still you couldn’t live forever segregate, so your friend made you go out for a walk and do some shopping but your mind was away from the world, the only thought on repeat was when you gonna get back home and stay in bed in the darkness of the room.
“(Y/N)?” A familiar voice called out from behind. You hoped, you prayed, it wasn’t Harry, but as you turned around you saw his face, even if surprisingly it seemed in agony.
“Hi.” You sighed, wishing you could disappear or sink rather than being in that place and at that time.
“I miss you.” He mumbled quietly, not even able to face you. His eyes puffy with tears and lips bitten because of nervousness. Such a miserable vision, you were disgusted by it, by the person you had in front of you and by the stupid words that left his mouth.
“You have to leave.” You replied with the same quietness, not making any eye contact.
“Yeah, I was about to..”
“No, you have to leave the town. Go somewhere else.” You interrupted Harry in the middle of what he was about to say, not wanting to hear anything else from him as his words were empty to you.
“We can work everything out..”
“No, we can’t. I don’t wanna meet you at the store or when I get a coffee with my friends. I don’t wanna see you. I don’t wanna hear you. Ever again.” You said angrily. It was a bad idea leaving the flat.
“Excuse me.” You pushed him slightly, just to make your way to the exit door.
“No, I won’t let you go away again.” Harry said, as he spun you around making you face him again. Your faces were just inches distant, his piercing eyes looking deeply into yours, while his big hands rested you on waist, while you just stayed still not knowing what exactly to do.
“(Y/N), i know it’s late for apologies but I just can’t stand being without you, not having you by my side, not having your support in what I’m doing. I feel lost without you. I..”-He paused for a second as tears started to roll down his already scratched cheeks, so he swept away them with a sleeve of his sweater-” I’m a selfish and bad person for asking you to forgive me because I can’t even forgive myself for what I did. I wish I could go back and fix everything…”
“But you can’t.” You cut in.
“You don’t know how much I hate myself for what I said and what I did to you. I didn’t mean any of those things. I love you so much. I’ve been a wreck for the past few weeks. I just need more than air or anything else. I’m sorry.” He whispered as his voice cracked because of the falling tears. He really looked desperate, he seemed to regret everything but you had no proves that he wouldn’t do the same again, still seeing him in those conditions somehow broke your heart. You just wanted to forget everything, maybe pretend like it never happened and be happy again with Harry.
“Hey, come here.” You said and pulled Harry into a hug. He tightly wrapped his arms around you and buried his face into the crook of your neck, sobbing softly while you stroked his curls to calm him down.
“I’m sorry.” He whispered against your skin.
“It’s okay. Let’s just go home.” You pulled away, wiping away few tears that fell down, and gave Harry a week reassuring smile. You didn’t completely forgive Harry, but at the same time you couldn’t stay without me, it was even worse. Somehow, with time, you’ll work out everything.

Hope you like it. Xoxo

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